TELECOM: Cyta launches 4.5G, challenges smartphone makers

07 July, 2017

Cyta has taken a step closer to deploying the 2020 deadline for superfast 5G mobile broadband by introducing the 4.5G mobile telephony platform with a reach in all major towns and tourist areas, using data speeds of 525Mbps, that will soon be boosted to 700Mbps.

At the same time, claiming that Cytamobile Vodafone “is one of only ten networks in the world” to use 4.5G, Chrysis Phiniotis, the state-owned telco’s Chief Technology and Information Officer said that the platform has been in operation since May and challenged the smartphone makers to supply the Cyprus market with suitable 4.5G compatible devices.
Deputy CEO Michalis Achilleos said at a launch event in Nicosia that Cyta is constantly investing in transforming human communications, by offering speed and ease-of-use. The 4.5G network, he said, has employed 50 base stations and its reach is constantly growing.
Phiniotis said that back in 2015, Cyta made an infrastructure overhaul that cost EUR 25 mln. As a result, the 3G platform was introduced growing to a 99% population coverage and 99.5% geographical coverage with connectivity speeds of 21Mbps, followed by the upgrade to 4G in 2016, with 75% population coverage and 30% geographical coverage and speeds of 150Mbps. That has now been enhanced to include 4.5G with a “wide coverage” in metropolitan and tourist areas.
With mobile broadband speeds of up to 535Mbps, Phiniotis challenged mobile phone makers Samsung, Apple and Huawei to supply the Cyprus market with 4.5G-compatible devices.