SHIPPING: Cyber security case study at CSC

02 October, 2017

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber, noting the increased concerns of its members, and the industry in general, with regards to cyber security threats, decided to develop a guideline document with the intention to create awareness of the threats and provide guidance to its members and industry.

Given that there are already a number of available guidance documents issued from various sources, the Cyprus Shipping Chamber decided to issue guidance in the form of a Case Study.

The Case Study shows a ‘real life’ snapshot of a member-company of the CSC that is a ship owner, technical-operations manager, and crew manager and how in the early stages, they are evaluating and implementing a program of cyber security for their ships with online connectivity. This is achieved in the form of replies by the company to a number of questions posed to them. The company replies were then enhanced with general considerations and advice on cyber security.

This first version of the Case Study is not an all-inclusive or exhaustive guidance or evaluation and that it will be a dynamic document which will be updated with latest developments on cyber security as they become available.