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SHIPPING: ‘Connecting ships, ports and people’ on World Maritime Day

02 October, 2017

The international shipping community celebrated the World Maritime Day on the last week of September in order to highlight the importance of the shipping industry as the main contributor of world trade as well as to emphasise on issues concerning the protection of the marine environment.

This year’s theme was “Connecting Ships, Ports and People” which was chosen as said by the International Maritime Organisation Secretary General Kitack Lim, “to shine a spotlight on the existing cooperation between ports and ships to maintain and enhance a safe, secure and efficient maritime transportation system.”

The three-fold message of this year’s theme emphasises on the importance of joined up maritime development across all sectors for an efficient and sustainable shipping industry.

The “IMO Maritime Ambassador for Cyprus” and Deputy Director General of the Cyprus Shipping Chamber, Alexandros Josephides participated in the celebrations at the IMO headquarters in London and presented the Cyprus Shipping Chamber’s activities to promote the maritime and seafaring professions in Cyprus.