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CYPRUS: PrimeTel takes part in first 5G pilot programme for EU

03 September, 2018

PrimeTel has announced its participation in the first 5G test platform in the European Union, which will also actively contribute to the digital reconfiguration of the telecom landscape in Cyprus.

The “5Genesis” project is a pilot platform which is to test out the bloc’s readiness to implement 5G technology in the European Union. The programme is to be carried out in five areas, Athens, Malaga, Berlin, Surrey and Limassol.

The 5Genesis European Program which is carried out with the participation of leading telecom operators, such as Telefonica (Spain), Airbus (France), Cosmote (Greece), Franhaufer (Germany), Intel (Germany), L.M. Ericsson (Ireland) is to be completed in three stages in order to provide a platform for experimenting with innovative mobile and satellite technologies in telephony.

The pilot platform is part of the “Horizon 2020” project, the European Union’s Strategic Plan for Research and Innovation.

The 5G Technology is to be made available worldwide by the end of 2019 and Europe is set to roam with speeds tenfold of that provided by the current 4G technology as of 2020.

Exact speeds will vary based on which technology ends up being implemented. Latest reports have claimed that 5G speeds of up to 7.5Gbps have already been achieved in the lab.

Essentially 5G is the next generation of mobile internet connectivity promising much faster data download and upload speeds, wider coverage and more stable connections.

Higher speeds and lower latency will also make new experiences possible in augmented and virtual reality. The technology can be used to manage appliances in a smart home environment.

With 5G is expected to be available in 2019, when mobile producers are expected to release their first 5G-compatible smartphones.

By late 2019 or early 2020, operators are expected to adapt to the new standards.

According to a statement, PrimeTel has already commenced the deployment of pre-5G equipment to further improve provided speeds up to 750 Mbps significantly improving customer experience.

This development is expected to facilitate the switch to 5G as soon as the technology is ready for commercial use.

“With its participation in the 5Genesis programme, PrimeTel acquires 5G know-how and pioneers’ technological developments while remaining true to the vision of developing and implementing innovative technology solutions,” said the statement.

“We hope that PrimeTel will be among the first providers to adopt the new technology in Cyprus and worldwide,” it added.