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CYPRUS: Motorists to receive speeding fines via registered mail

11 October, 2018

Traffic offenders are to receive their fines through their mailbox via registered mail, once the new speed cameras are up and running at the end of next year.

Originally offenders were to be sent their fines via standard mail because it would cost less.

However, to ensure there could no excuses for offending motorists to avoid paying the fine, MPs have backed an amendment to the draft law for fines to be sent by registered mail.

Despite being an expensive option, the measure is expected to generate more income for the state as it will improve collection of fines as they will be delivered in a timely manner and recipients will not be able to claim they did not receive it on time, or not at all.

Registered mail will be sent by the private investor who will undertake the project of installing and operating the speed cameras, while the money collected is to go to state coffers.

The strategic investor will then calculate the costs and be compensated by the state.

Tenders for the installation of the speed cameras are to be procured by the end of the year and the scheme is expected to cost some EUR 45 mln.

While the cameras should be installed at the end of 2019, past experience of delays has stakeholders sceptical as to whether this timetable will be kept.

Traffic cameras are to record offenders exceeding the speed limit and running a red light.

However, in the event of a driver is also found not to be wearing a seatbelt or driving whilst talking on the phone, then these offences will be added to the driver’s record.

Currently there are only two speed cameras operating on the island. They were installed on Grivas Dhigenis Avenue in Nicosia in order to prevent youngster having high speed races.

Police say the reintroduction of speed cameras will significantly reduce the death toll on the island’s notoriously dangerous roads.