TELECOMS: Cyprus has the highest charges for mobile data

26 February, 2019

Cypriot mobile users are paying some of the highest charges in the European Union for mobile data services, Phileleftheros daily reported.

While data fees dropped within the EU in 2018, Cyprus telecommunication companies have kept their prices at the high end.

According to a survey made by the European Commission, contracts in Cyprus with a data service of up to 10GB cost an average of €91.21 per package, which renders Cyprus as the most expensive country along with Slovakia, with an average price of €90.55.

For packages with data of up to 5 GB, Cyprus was again the most expensive in the EU, since in 2018 the average price was at €43.29.

Meanwhile, in 22 of the 28 Member States, a package with a data exchange of 2 GB costed between 7 to 30 euro. Cyprus’ equivalent packages cost users an average €30.40 per month.

The Commission’s survey separates EU Member States into cheaper countries, relatively inexpensive, relatively expensive and most expensive.

The cheapest countries are Italy, Poland, Austria, France, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg and Finland.

The relatively inexpensive countries are Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Sweden, Denmark, Bulgaria, Germany and Spain.

The relatively expensive countries are Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, Croatia, Malta, Portugal, Hungary, Greece and Slovakia.

The most expensive countries are the Czech Republic and Cyprus.