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CYPRUS: Hellenic Bank launches business blog

23 August, 2017

Hellenic Bank, the island’s third biggest lender, that avoided a bailout in 2013 and has been recapitalised by own funds and shareholders’ support, has launched a Business Blog that offers information to the business community in the form of analysis and review of the economy and the main indicators, light business articles as well as specialised consumer research.

The data is geared for the following sectors: retail; tourism and leisure; real estate and construction; technology; and is available at  
The platform also includes consumer insights and research for the retail sector, as well as tourism and leisure, real estate and construction, technology, economic reviews and indicators, useful articles for business executives and “partnership stories”.
The surveys provide an in-depth consumer analysis for the sectors and can be downloaded for free by professionals in the sector. Insights will be renewed on a six monthly basis, while updated economic reviews will be uploaded each semester.
The Business Blog is bilingual, with all the content available in Greek and English. Its aim is to enforce the wider field of knowledge on a personal and business development level whilst providing a useful source of information to all visitors.